Permanent Employment

  • With over 30 years of industry service, Hagarty Associates is the most connected office staffing firm in South Jersey, which means more opportunities to you.
  • We’ve invested in the very latest, state of the art testing software for staffing firms. So in addition to personally interviewing you, we’ll evaluate your skills and train you to get the job you’ve always wanted.
  • It is our goal at Hagarty Associates to help you to be the most confident that you can be at every interview.  We will coach you on our internal knowledge of the client and give you critical inside information.  Having knowledge of the client’s expectations will help prepare you to address their hidden concerns while playing up your strong points.
  • We help to facilitate negotiations for and equitable compensation package, including salary and benefits.
  • Additionally, we offer career counseling. Our staffing consultants have a vested interest in your success. So whether your resume needs a make-over or you need practice with your interviewing skills, Hagarty Associates is here to help.